Keyword Research

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of making your website stand out as an authority for a specific keyword phrase. Each website is competing with potentially hundreds of thousands of other websites. Search engines have a specific criteria, or algorithm, when choosing which sites come up at the top of the organic search engine results page (SERP). Optimizing a website correctly by infusing the right keywords in the right places with the right frequency makes up just one component of the overall organic search engine optimization process. Other elements include onsite and offsite links, search engine-friendly site design, latent semantic indexing (LSI) and compelling and fresh content, just to name a few.

Most websites were not properly designed for organic search engine optimization which means that if you know how to optimize effectively, there are many opportunities to make your website jump to the top of the organic search engine results page. We at Princeton Internet Marketing understand how to talk to the search engines in a language they understand. We know how to bring together form and function to incorporate all of the elements a search engine looks for to find a website relevant for specific keywords while still maintaining a user-friendly look and feel.

An excellent way to spend your marketing dollars is to invest in a website that is created with organic search engine optimization in mind. When utilizing pay-per-click marketing, for example, you are paying to have your website appear in the search results, turn off your campaign and your site disappears whereas a website that is organically SEO-friendly will remain relevant to the search engines and becomes a very inexpensive way to stay in front of your customers.