SEO Content Writing

Writing for Websites is not what it used to be. Since your website is the front door for your customers, you need to have words that have the power to influence not only your readers but also the search engines. Keyword-rich content will make the difference between a site that has just a few readers compared to one that is heavily visited because the content is written in a language that search engines understand and as a result, will drive traffic to your site. When creating content for our clients we factor in much more than just the message we’re trying to convey. Our writing has a dual purpose: to appeal to the visitor to drive a conversion, and to capitalize on our knowledge of the behavior of search engines and what elements drive them to identify the words we want the keyword result pages to find.

Incorporating the concept of latent semantic indexing (LSI), we make sure the search engines understand the intended meaning of the words we use. For example, if you were to use the word “course” in a paragraph, the search engines wouldn’t know if you were discussing a class, a meal, or a round of golf. Through the use of LSI, we can pepper the content with synonyms to extrapolate our intended meaning.

There is a fine balance to incorporating keywords properly – too few, and the search engines will not index your site correctly or consider the site relevant for the topics on the page – too many, and you could be accused of “keyword stuffing” and penalized by the search engines.

Our copywriting team at Princeton Internet Marketing incorporates the technical requirements of the writing with power and flair to deliver your message in a way that is fresh, informative and captivating.

At Princeton Internet Marketing, we employ the highest-caliber copywriters who are trained in SEO so they can create content that is well-optimized and at the same time, appealing and easy-to-read for your readers and potential customers. After consulting with you to capture the essence of your website, they will use proper SEO keyword densities to infuse the right keywords into your content. For sites with very little content or a higher level of industry competition, we can also create original 300 to 600-word articles related to your products and services that are keyword-rich and designed to draw traffic to your website. We would then post these articles to your website to boost its overall level of content and appeal.