New Years Resolutions: Digital Marketing Edition

Every year, starting about two weeks before New Years, the all too familiar topic arises: Resolutions.  The stereotypes of course are to lose a few pounds, get that promotion at work, make more time for family – the same things you jotted down last year on that half-used napkin that inevitably found its final home in the trash.  Well, what if that didn’t have to be the case this time?

What if this year you did something different.  As a business owner or operator of a website, what if you wanted to set some goals to improve your business and have your website work for you instead of you constantly working for your website?  It’s simple and we’ll get you started on some simple ways to improve your online presence.

1) Dominate Social:   You could have the greatest website in the world, far better than any of your competitors.   That’s good news.  The bad news is, if you aren’t on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, your competition is, and you’re giving them the upper hand.  Make your first resolution to evaluate your business from a social media perspective. Not only is it important to have a good looking page, consistent with your latest logo and website, but to post and engage with your audience and followers.  Partnering with Princeton Internet Marketing could be a great way to accomplish this.  Click here to learn more about our social media offerings

2) Location, Location, Location:  Not too different from real estate, your location in the digital world is directly proportional to your value and ultimately your success.  We’re not talking about your domain address, but rather your location within the Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  If someone is searching for your product or service in your area, and can’t find you, that’s a problem.  Not only because you’re losing that customer, but you’re handing them over to your competition who is in that top spot on Google.  Click here to set up a free evaluation, complete with recommendations to improve your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

3) Pay Per Click: No, not Pay-Per-View like 1990s cable, we’re talking about Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising.  Google Adwords for example, gives you the opportunity to bid on ads in the number one paid spot on their search engine for searches of your choosing.  This means that immediately, you can begin to generate leads that with the right searches identified will turn into paying customers for your business.  For more information on setting up a Pay Per Click campaign, click here.

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